27 de julio de 2007

Hoy: Santa Natalia

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chris StJames dijo...

Hello !
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That's done, here : [http://universdartistes.blogspot.com]
As a writer, it's spontaneous for me to write about their talents and I can make it, now, with a great freedom, in peace, sharing with them a beautiful space which is entirely dedicated to their artworks. I linked you on this new blog, of course, you deserve it. Maybe is it time to exchange ?
I follow you since a long time (check also your link on [lechemindesetoiles.org], cat "blogs photos"). So I know your tastes and I appreciate daily the quality of your choices, all the mornings, with a great pleasure.
So I'm sure you'll find [universdartistes.blogspot.com] is worthy of your interest.
Thanks !!! And see you very soon !
chris StJames

pezhammer dijo...

Thanks a lot, pal.